Warehouse and File Storage
by Atlantic Transfer and Storage

A number of moving companies offer warehouse and file storage facilities to their customers.  Many of these companies also manage the day to day distribution needs of companies using the warehousing facility.  The clients can be discrete business units that are involved in commercial, governmental or charitable activities. The projects may be large or small and these companies tailor their services to meet specific and unique needs of their customers.

What is the scope of warehouse and file storage?
Warehouses can be used to store household goods.  Most companies provide custom built vaults for short term or long term storage in a safe, dust free, temperature controlled environment. These units are often made fire resistant and are perfect for storing fine art, antiques and other personal belongings that are sensitive to sunlight or dust.

Ware houses can also be used by commercial establishments for short term or long term storage of documents or even stock in trade. Entities that are remodelling their office can avail of these facilities for short term.  The warehouse and file storage company then provides handling, inventory and order fulfilment facilities to keep the business running.

Record storage is another facility that is offered by the warehouse and file storage companies. The concept includes indexing of records, retrieval of records and general filing.  The records are bar coded for convenience of retrieval and delivery.

Many of these companies offer onsite storage facilities. The onsite storage is available in various sizes and is delivered to the site for low monthly rentals.

Mini self storage units are convenient for families that need extra space for storage of household goods. These units can be used to store household items that you do not want immediate access to. The customer gets to retain the key for the storage. Alternately, households can avail of portable self storage units that are delivered to the home of the customer for a small rental.

What are the factors that need to be taken into consideration while hiring a warehouse and file storage company?

The factors that you will have to take into consideration while hiring a warehouse and file storage facility are:

  • Size and type of storage: The size of storage you require will depend on the type of goods that you plan to store in the warehouse. Household goods that contain antiques may require isolated vaults that can hold all your household goods. Business units considering storage of files and folders may require a file storage facility that offers record management and delivery of records on demand. Storage of jewellery and valuable may require smaller locker type facilities.  So you must determine the kind of warehouse and file storage facility that you are looking for before setting out to hire the facility for your use.
  • Location of storage: The location of the storage should not be too remote. Accessibility may become an issue if you hire a warehouse and file storage facility that is located very far from your business or home.
  • Security arrangements: This is a important criteria in selection of storage facilities. Is the warehouse well guarded and protected against theft and burglary?  Are the security arrangements satisfactory?  Is the warehouse and file storage facility fireproof?  What are the arrangements that have been made to safeguard your goods in the event of natural disasters such as floods, tornados and earthquakes?
  • The rental: Finally, the rental for the warehouse and file storage facility should be reasonable and competitive.  A number of warehouse and storage facilities offer discount plans for customers. You could do a bit of homework to find out if any of these discount plans are available to you for the goods you plan to store in the warehouse.




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