Choosing a Charleston SC Moving Company for Your Local Move
by Atlantic Transfer and Storage

Local moves are made easy, quick and absolutely professional by the organizational efficiency of your licensed Charleston SC based moving company such as Atlantic Transfer and Storage. You will find that your move to your new home has been made smooth and painless, by the gentle efficiency of the moving company staff.

Nevertheless, before actually setting out to hire a local Charleston moving company to make a local move you must understand how these companies work; what is the modus operandi of the move and what are the prices you will pay.

At the outset, you need to factor in time.  You must plan your move at least 6-8 weeks in advance so that you can check references, ask around about the reputation of the company and make your final decision. That will ensure that you get the best value for your money. Moreover, the moving company needs time to fit you in to their schedule—especially in the summer which is the busiest time for them. 

How do you ask around?  Well, you could talk to erstwhile neighbours who have moved locally. You could ask the prospective movers themselves for references from previous customers and for documents relating to the history of their service.  You could telephone or stop by at the addresses to get a first hand review of the mover’s reputation.

Before calling in the local moving company you will have to make some vital decisions. You must decide on the items you want shipped and the items you want to sell or give away. If you want the items also packed by the movers, then the bid for that will be independent of the moving bid. Moving companies send estimators to your home.  The estimator will create a bid after looking over all the possessions you want packed and moved. If you plan to do your own packing, the company will not accept liability for any damage that may occur to the goods packed by the customer.  The driver also has the right to refuse to accept any package that is not properly packed. If the driver has to repack the cartons, additional charges may apply.

Many local Charleston moving companies are willing to provide prospective customers with free estimates for local moves. If you are moving to a location that is 50 miles away the pricing is normally done by the hour. For longer distances estimates are given on the basis of weight.  Hourly rates include minimum hours estimate (usually two to three hours) plus a one time tip charge—which is the cost of sending staff to your home for pick up. The company may also include some additional charges that are specific to it.  Some companies provide estimates at a flat rate. This includes items to be moved and all circumstances that may arise during the move such as stairs, parking, carrying charges and so on. It is important to read the contract carefully. There may be additional charges that may be billed to you, if you arrive late or there are items not included in the original shipping list or the goods have to be stored overnight.  Reading the contract carefully will help you negotiate rates before you sign the contract.

Atlantic Transfer and Storage or any local moving companies appreciate it if customers appraise them about any location specific problems and issues that may impact smooth delivery of the goods at the new location. This has a bearing on the pricing estimates. These problems may include problems of parking, road access, street access, delivery time restrictions or if there are stairs in the new home. The cost of the move will increase on account of this location specific problems.  You may circumvent the escalation of costs by reserving a parking space for the mover’s van at the new location on the day of your move and making sure that the distance from the parking space to your new home is not more than 75 feet.

Finally you need to make sure that you are dealing with the company directly and not with a broker. Sign on the dotted line only after you have made sure that you and the company are fully conversant with the circumstances surrounding the move and that the rates quoted are all inclusive and do not give scope for any kind of escalation of costs at the point of delivery.  




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